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  About The Company

Motto - “Customer Satisfaction”

Kasco Industries was founded in 1972 by two engineering graduates viz. Mr. Dhananjay Kamlapurkar and Mr. Rajendra Shah. Since then the company has made rapid progress in the field of Environmental Test Chambers.

Environmental test chambers are essential for Research & Development, Material Testing, Quality Assurance and Product Upgradation Programmes particularly by Defence, Aerospace, Electronic Component Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Automobile Industry and many other areas of Modern Engineering

Kasco has a strong R&D base and continuous development is undertaken to upgrade the quality and reliability standards. The company is also active in development of new designs using environmental friendly refrigerants.

Kasco enjoys the confidence of a large clientele such as the Ministry of Defence, Directorate General of Quality Assurance, Defense Research & Development Organisations and Base Repair Depots, Multi-Nationals such as ABB, Phillips, L&T, Siemens, AT&T, Modi Xerox and many such others.

Today Kasco Industries is a Leading Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturing Company and enjoys the reputation of the Only Indian Company to manufacture the Complete Range of Environmental Test Chambers under one roof.

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Last updated on 23rd June, 2003

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